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  • Do you feel like... you're stuck in your career?
  • Does it seem... your manager is absent or never has time to focus on your needs or to support your career growth? 
  • Are you frustrated by... lack of recognition, development or career advancement?

Corporate life is hard

But with the right manager it doesn't have to be.

You need the Step Manager

Hiring The Step Manager will make this the last time you feel stuck. Having a real manager with a laser focus on your development and advancement will feel like common sense. Join the hundreds who've started exactly where you are and reached the next step in their career in an enjoyable and sustainable way. 


ONLY 32% of employees trust their managers


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We're on a mission to serve the ignored, declined and frustrated employees of corporate America. You deserve better! We Help professionals or students just like you. To teach them the professional skills they need, that aren't taught in school. So That They Can become Corporate rockstars And accelerate their career like never before.  

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Nate Dinet

Through his top selling online courses, books and hundreds of professionals he's personally managed, Nate Dinet has coached and inspired over 40,000 students worldwide to level up in their career and become leaders in their industry or organizations.    

Nate has proven that it doesn't matter what school you come from, what your current job is or how crazy your professional aspirations may seem... if you have passion and a little commitment you can ignite your career and become a corporate rockstar. 

Get To Know Nate Better

'I love showing my adopted step-employees just how effective a true servant leader can be in their professional development.'



Proven Impact


"Testimonial 1 Nate is extremely knowledgeable and breaks down his materials into real life scenarios, which helps the student retain the information covered."



"Testimonial 2 Nate has had a huge impact on my career - when I first got into my job I didn't really know where to turn. I found Nate's classes and they were so helpful and totally helped me not only survive but thrive in my role!



"Testimonial 3 I went from making 20K a year to making six figures after a few months with Nate. Needless to say, he changed my life."



All Our Products

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Your First Job

Landing and Crushing your first corporate job.

So you've landed your first job, where do you go from there? This course is PACKED full of templates, tools and habits that you can put into your routine to absolutely STAND OUT, and MOVE UP the ladder. Over 40,000 students agree - this course is the best substitute for an underwhelming line manager.

In this course, you will learn:

  • ​How to organize and balance your schedule, so you can... always have time to invest in you.
  • Navigate the complicated corporate landscape, so you can... impress the bosses and make the right connections. 
  • ​Know how and when to ask for a raise, so you can... earn more money OR know the right time to move onto a new job.
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Managing your first project

Modern Project Management 

Corporations run on projects. These are much different than the days of cramming in the university library with 2/5s of your project team. In this course you'll get all of the best practices to LEAD and MANAGE your projects like a pro. 
Inside, we'll show you:

  • ​Everything Nate knows about running projects, so you can...manage your projects like an expert PM .
  • Cut through the certification fat, so you can... learn the essentials of all best practices from PMP, SAFe, Scrum, Agile and more.
  • Be a project LEADER , so you can... earn respect, lead with command and crush your gig as a PM.
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Stop running sucky meetings

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