Corporate life is hard

But with the right manager it doesn't have to be.

You need the Step Manager

Hiring The Step Manager will make this the last time you feel stuck. Having a real manager with a laser focus on your development and advancement will feel like common sense. Join the hundreds who've started exactly where you are and reached the next step in their career in an enjoyable and sustainable way. 


ONLY 32% of employees trust their managers


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We're on a mission to serve the ignored, declined and frustrated employees of corporate America. You deserve better! We Help professionals or students just like you. To teach them the professional skills they need, that aren't taught in school. So That They Can become better managers and employee. 

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But who is The Step Manager?

Nate Dinet

Through his top selling online courses, books and hundreds of professionals he's personally managed, Nate Dinet has coached and inspired over 40,000 students worldwide to gain skills and excel in their career.   

Nate has proven that it doesn't matter what school you come from, what your current job is or how crazy your professional aspirations may seem... if you have passion and a little commitment you can ignite your career and achieve whatever you set your mind to. 

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'I love showing my step-employees just how effective a true servant leader can be in their professional development.'



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